The FRAME Project – Giving Page

The FRAME Project is one of our chief tools for storytelling, publicity, and preservation, and we need your help to keep it going.  Our ongoing expenses for this project are funds to hire collaborative videographers to better tell our story, and to rent rehearsal space for our collaborative dancers, artists, and musicians.

  • $40 pays for 1 hour of rehearsal space.  The average FRAME takes 2-4 hours of rehearsal!
  • $100 pays for rehearsal space for an entire FRAME
  • Our videographers are individuals who guarantee quality because they resonate with the stories we are telling, and are personally invested in the results as collaborative artists with FRAME.  The average cost per FRAME is $600, which includes the day of the shoot and final editing.  Donate to our videographer fund today!

Donors who do not wish to remain anonymous receive a hearty thank you for helping us make our work possible!  Donors of $100 or more may have their business featured as a Community Partner of FrameMaker Arts.  Donors of $300 or more will be honored as producers on our FRAME’s.