Kazoos 4 Kids provides kazoos and other fun rhythmic instruments for the children of Little Melodies community classes and events.   We buy kazoos, triangles, blocks, bells, scarves and more.

  • $15 buys one set of kazoos, bells or scarves for a new community class.
  • $150 buys an entire set including all of the above, as well as castanets, musical note cards, a harmonica, and maracas.
  • Musical Special: Donate $70 and give a community a unique set of tone bells and mallets for their classroom.

That’s not all.  Because Little Melodies can pop-up anywhere in the world, all instruments purchased with this fund are donated to the members of the community when the local session closes, so that the schools, community centers, parents and children where we teach have something to keep the Melodies going.