Help us in our mission to Create, Articulate, and Preserve culture through the performing arts.  Here are a few unique ways you can designate your donation.

Children’s Arts Fund –

Our Children’s Arts Fund has two distinct facets.  The first is our Little Melodies Scholarship which provides children and families in need with tuition assistance for the Little Melodies Movement-Arts Classes.   The second half of this fun, called Kazoo’s 4 Kids, provides kazoos and other fun rhythm and music instruments for the children in our community classes!  For more information about each of these amazing programs, click a link below!

Kazoos 4 Kids
Little Melodies Scholarships

Unique Creation and Preservation Projects –

This fund provides financial assistance for collaborative workshops and preservation projects around the world.  These funds are designated for travel expenses, publicity and printed materials, special equipment, rental fees, and miscellaneous costs unique to each project.   Click on a project below to see what’s in the works!

The Egypt Way

The Egypt Way is so named because it symbolizes the embodiment of the spirit of a nation, that has been a gateway to the nations for thousands of years.  

The FRAME Project

Bringing performing arts to the streets!  And back to the people. 

Usvojenik- Adopted Child

I once was lost but now I’m found.  Do you know what it means to be alone?

Community Class/Workshop/Event Launch Program  –

These funds assist in publicity costs, travel, and rental fees associated with launching a new community class, workshop, or event in a safe, insured, and accessible space for children and adults.  Click on a link below to read about an upcoming event and how you can be a sponsor!

Friday Night Community Crawl!
  • Sponsor an artist for our upcoming night of performances!  Artists perform all over main street, in the street and in the local businesses.  Please consider giving for the purchase of water bottles, travel expenses, and food.  The link above will introduce you to our performers!

  • Invest in community by investing in education!  We are currently raising funds to launch new Little Melodies classes, and recreational dance classes for teenagers and adults.  While tuition provides sustainability, there is an average investment of $500 dollars to establish the class, cover advertising, and keep our tuition costs low!

General Giving

FrameMaker Arts works hard to create sustainable projects and offset our costs with local partnerships, business donations and paid classes.  Giving to this fund assists with the day today operations that keep us going.  Here’s a few items we are saving for!

Portable Sound Equipment                       Artist Support Fund                          

Development & Subscriptions