Friday Night Crawl

Meet our Collaborators!

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Amber Shockley is a poet who knows it!  
Keep an eye and BOTH ears open for her at the Crawl. 
Moving Spirits is a gorgeous local dance + music organization with influences from the African diaspora! Feel the beats and get your own groove on with their dynamic dancers this Friday! Also check out Tamara’s upcoming workshop! This is for anyone who’d like an amazing experience with ethnic dance.



The minor MAJORS – Jazz Violin and Keys duo!  These outgoing youngsters will be installed at the Museum at the top of Main Street!  You might even see some dancers and artists there also, vibing with the improv. 
Chelsea & Savannah – Tracey Hartzog and other artists from the studio will be out and about drawing and painting for your viewing pleasure!
Rosalia Torres Weiner will have her amazing portable gallery and workshop at the crawl!
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David Csiszer and his music will be installed at Olive’s Art Gallery on Main Street throughout the evening.  Drop in for some great art, great coffee and GREAT Music!  And if you listen for a few minutes, you just might see some dancers and singers “pop in” to join him. 
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Tina Brogan  and her friends will be bringing us a fantastic Yoga Pose Aesthetic Routine! 
Tina is a certified instructor in the York County.
Dance Center USA – Will have couples performing on Main Street! 
Children’s and Adult Ballroom Performance
Ashley Simpson – a local visual artist who’s hitting the streets with her sketchbook.   Ashely has just graduated from high school and is excited Tag us if you see her with a photo of what she’s drawing!
Taylor Berkebile & Meriwether Minnix – eclectic free hand artists from York County!
Instagram @me.lody_arts