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FrameMaker Arts’ Comment Policy

We encourage discussion, appreciation, debate, and joy. If you want to come to FrameMaker Arts to tell people off, get on a high horse, or any other banal behavior, your comments and/or account will be removed from the site.

The following are some specific items that will get your comment removed:

  • Swearing – Some sites accept this. This is not one of those sites.
  • Verbal Attacks Against a Person – If you disagree with something posted here, or a commenter, that’s great. If you decide that your disagreement means you can treat others as less than human, your comment will be removed.
  • Trolling –  For purposes of our comment policy, trolling is only engaging in conversation for the purpose of argument. It’s funny in Monty Python, not so much in a comment thread.
  • Off-topic Comments – Commenting about upcoming events on an event post is good. Commenting about your love for WonderWoman on a post about Fascia is off-topic

Any repeated violations of this policy will result in your Disqus account being blocked from FrameMaker Arts.

We reserve the right to edit, adjust, update, or otherwise change our commenting policy. We will update this page when we do so.