Classes & Workshops

Little Melodies

Art by Leonid Afremov

Little Melodies classes are our young children’s community arts program, and feature unique movement-arts classes for children created by artist and educator Rachel Lee Davis.  Children learn dance, music, and vocal technique in a warm and joyful environment that invites children to be themselves.  Interspersed with singing, reading, music theory games, creative improv, and free play, Little Melodies offers a dynamic introduction to the performing arts for boys and girls, and are special needs inclusive!   For opportunities to support a Little Melodies class, check out our New Launch,   Kazoos-4-Kids or the  Little Melodies Scholarship.


Adult Ballet with Rachel

By Leonid Afremov

Adult ballet is one of our wonderful community offerings.  These classes range in audience from professional dancers and choreographers looking for training and networking, to men and women still young at heart and want to feel the joy of plies and an arabesque again, to mothers and father who once danced, way back when, and are coming back to ballet after a long absence.

One of our goals is to offer specialized dance classes for adults and dancers recovering from major injuries!   For more information about local classes, or to share your interest, please contact us!

Previous Classes & Workshops

Improbable Arts

Click here to learn about this fantastic workshop for creatives where music meets dance meets art.  Looking forward to offering this again in the coming year!