Community Partners

This page recognizes the businesses, organizations and schools who have supported FrameMaker Arts  or supported one of our creation, teaching or collaboration projects.   We also feature businesses who have contributed to the wellness of our artists over the years!

Brian Johnson.Blog – Brian Johnson is a relationship marketing pro, and phenomenal collaborator and coach in the business world. Thank you Brian for your counsel for FrameMaker Arts!

My Virtual Assistant Pro – My Virtual Assistant Pro provides small businesses administrative and book-keeping support at an affordable price. Thank you to the great VA team for helping FrameMaker Arts with our social media posting!

Community Partner Loom

STUDIOS@LOOM – The LOOM Co-Working Gallery & Event Space has recently opened their doors for the Education Vision of FrameMaker Arts to plant new roots in the community.  They provide a wide variety of co-working spaces which accommodate entrepreneurs, small businesses, remote workers, artists, choreographers and more!

Community Partner Fort Mill Connections

Fort Mill Connections is a site that connects local organizations and businesses with community members in the Fort Mill area. They are dedicated to promoting a community driven economy by providing an affordable platform by which Fort Mill area businesses, professionals, and residents can share news, events, products, specials, reviews and more.

Community Partner Paul Davis Solutions

PAULDSOLUTIONS – Paul’s content marketing firm has been a supporter of FrameMaker Arts since it’s inception, helping us tell our story.  At Paul D. Solutions you will find a personal and dedicated approach to marketing your business, from weekly blogs and web content to full marketing packages that will help your vision reach the customers you need.

Community Partners The Jones Zone    

THE JONES ZONE– Chris and Brian Jones are incredible local realtors who love their work and making customers happy.  Check out their hilarious podcast, follow on Facebook, and, of course, look them up for all your home buying and selling needs!   Thank you for filming our Little Melodies promo this summer, and we look forward to visiting on the podcast!

Community Partner Arts Charlotte

ARTSCHARLOTTE – Arts Charlotte is a local non-profit organization for the encouragement, education and engagement of artists.   Thank you AC for promoting our events and classes!



Community Partner Wright Physical Therapy

WRIGHT PHYSICAL THERAPY – Wright’s physical therapists provide quality affordable treatment for athletes of all kinds, and dancers are no exception.  Their individual and holistic approach to the entire body has improved the lives of thousands for the better, and we are proud to honor them as Community Partners.   Testimonial: “My Wright physical therapist was always there for me as I faced my injury.  Even when the chances of recovery seemed next to impossible, they did not give up.  They encouraged and uplifted my spirit as well as my body, and I am forever grateful.”  Rachel Lee Davis (You can read more about Rachel’s journey from injury to wellness on the My Story page.)

Community Partner Aletheia Christian College

Aletheia – Aletheia offers one of a kind educational programs for teachers around the world.  Their curriculum specializes in developing dynamic teachers for a wide variety of demographics and projects, developing  and transforming the the whole person for the work they are called too.  Thank you ACC for providing the fundamental principles and methods for our international education projects!

Community Partner Nielson Family Chiropractic

NIELSON FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC – At FrameMaker Arts we believe in preventative care and overall wellness for our performers.  The family at Nielson Family Chiropractic provides high quality and holistic care for you and your entire family.  Dr. Chad specializes in the Palmer method, including such treatments as muscle balancing which are ideal for the localized injuries and stresses dancers put on their bodies.  Nielson’s also offers nutritional therapy and massage therapy!  Testimonial: “Dr. Chad was one of the first practitioners to help me on my journey to recovery.  I was wary of chiropractic care, having had damage done to my neck as a child, but Nielson’s gentle treatments and concern for my entire well being has made regular visits an essential part of my routine!” -Rachel Lee Davis