About FrameMaker Arts


FrameMaker Arts exists to create, articulate and preserve culture through the performing arts.


Our vision is to see artists of all kinds around the world take up the spirit of collaboration to create performance pieces that articulate the beauty and spirit of a culture for its enrichment and preservation. Performing arts such as dance, musicianship and drama were once foundational elements of culture and community.  They preserved the heritage and culture of people through stories, sacred performances and compositions that echoed and even surpassed the people’s spoken languages.  This power still exists today, and the vision of FrameMaker Arts is to see this quality of the arts returned to the people. Therefore we seek to create with fresh eyes, to articulate truths in cultural FRAMEworks with beauty and poignancy, and aid the preservation of culture in four unique yet integrated ways:

  • Creating art that captures the essence of humanity.
  • Performance of artwork that captures people’s attention.
  • Collaboration across artistic genres for the encouragement of artistic community and for dynamic and powerful presentations of the arts.
  • Teaching in a manner that transforms lives, and we are firmly committed to passing on our talents to new generations of frame-makers.

FrameMaker Arts is a sponsored organization under ACC, a registered non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, and able to receive charitable donations.   FrameMaker Arts does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, national or ethnic origin,  gender,  disability or handicap.

About the Frame Maker:

Rachel Lee Davis has been creating dances and teaching dance for over 15 years. Never one to settle in a box, her choreography is a blend of multi-cultural styles with contemporary ballet, improvisation and modern technique. In her work, she aims to communicate a relatable, engaging message to her audience without neglecting the deeper inquiries of human nature.

Brought up in a family of music educators, Rachel’s passion for teaching parallels her vision for making an impact with performing arts in culture and society.  Following a tour in Europe and Morocco in 2008, she returned with a keen awareness of the power and beauty of dance to break social and cultural barriers.  Shortly thereafter, while pursuing multi-cultural studies, dance and education in college, Rachel founded her own community dance program at a local YMCA for homeschool children and underprivileged families who could not afford extravagant studio fees. In the years following, Rachel has started two additional programs and developed a signature curriculum for teaching dance to young children.  Since graduating from undergraduate work, Rachel has participated in dance workshops and master classes across the country. She is currently finishing her master’s thesis as a guest researcher at the American University of Cairo where she and her family moved to pursue the vision of FRAME abroad.

“I want to reach people with dance and the arts. To make them stop and see something in their world that they’ve never noticed before, to see the beauty in every- day life.” – Rachel Lee

“We love watching her work. What gorgeous dancing.”

Kristy & Scott Nilsson, Chorographer & Resident Dance Instructor at Ballet Center of Houston, and Dance Photographer

“[Rachel] is an inspirational teacher.”

Jenny Hanson, Homeschool-Mom 

“Better Than KinderMusik”

Christy Allen and Moms, DSAGC “Roots & Shoots”

“My children have taken several classes from Miss Rachel, and I am extremely impressed by her nurturing, patient approach, combined with her technical and well rounded knowledge.  [She] gave them a self confidence…and is willing to spend time time with the parents (and she has taught me interesting things, too!). I highly recommend her as an instructor.”

Elizabeth Duda
Tega Cay, SC
Mother of three