FRAME – Ballet in the Park

It was a gorgeous evening to come back to my roots and just warm up the old fashioned way with the sun setting on the water.  This FRAME turned out a bit longer than usual, but it only captured a fraction of the sunset!  Hoping to be able to time-lapse some sky shots in the future and add to the motion of the dance since I don’t yet have a camera-man/woman to move around and make sure the angles are all pristine.

My favorite part of making this film was that after I finished the barre, a group of children from the neighborhood came up and asked to learn some plie’s!!!  And there in the park we had a half-hour impromptu ballet class.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Hope to keep seeing that kind of response to this project.

The journey continues this summer as we FRAME movements around the city, around people and share our vision!